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Our Tutors

Singing Lessons Bristol Teachers:

Here at Singing Lessons Bristol, we are fortunate enough to work with five other fantastic vocal teachers located across Bristol to ensure that the ever-increasing demand for singing tuition is met. Conveniently based in different areas of Bristol, to ensure maximum access for students Lewis, Carolin, Alba, Matt and Lucy are seven of the best vocal coaches Bristol has to offer. We are proud to welcome them onboard and introduce them to you here:


Lewis Hutton Singing Lessons Bristol Teacher

Based in: Stoke Gifford

Availability: Weekdays (Mornings to 6.30pm / 7.00pm)


3/4 OF AN HOUR - £28.50

ONE HOUR - £32.50

Teaching Bio:

Lewis’ key focus is creating a fun and relaxed environment where aspiring students can feel at ease and comfortable in learning and evolving at their own pace.

Since leaving the UK at the early age of 18, Lewis has been singing professionally throughout the world from luxury holiday resorts to world voyages with ‘Cunard’s Queen Victoria cruise ship’ where he also conducted a 120 piece choir. Since returning to the UK, Lewis has set up shop in Bristol as a session vocalist and wedding singer entertaining all over the country.

Having performed in many different production shows covering all genres and styles, Lewis can cater to your individual vocal goals and aspirations – whether you are an absolute beginner or just need some artist development. Lewis also offers a music studio service that allows you to record high-quality songs of your choice. Whatever your vocal needs, Lewis offers professional guidance with a fun and friendly flair! To book your first lesson with Lewis simply email lewis@singinglessonsbristol.co.uk.


"Lewis has really helped me with my singing progress. Right from the very first lesson, he was able to identify the areas of my voice that need work and was able to help me straight away. I'm really glad to have found a friendly teacher who can give me the skills and confidence I need to further my singing." - Dan, Student

You can find out more about Lewis's vocal lessons by checking out his Music Teacher profile.


Based in: Artist Studios Bristol
 (Stokes Croft).

Availability: Weekdays Afternoons & Evenings


3/4 OF AN HOUR - £27.50

ONE HOUR - £32.50

Teaching Bio:

Carolin graduated from Hanover University of Music and Drama (Germany) in 2007 with a masters degree in ‘Schulmusik’ (similar to a Master of Music Education), comprising qualifications in voice, piano, music theory, conducting and composition/arrangement as well as music pedagogy and psychology. In addition to recording and performing her own material, she has been teaching voice, piano accompaniment and songwriting for several years and enjoys helping to bring out each student's unique musical personality.

Carolin's focus is on encouraging students' independence in their musical/artistic pursuits. You choose the material that you would like to work on in lessons - all styles of music can be catered for! If you are a songwriter your original material is very welcome – time can be devoted to improvisation, working on individual compositions and music theory in order to enhance your songwriting skills.

During lessons with Carolin, you will develop an in-depth understanding of how your voice works in order to build your confidence and your technical skill. Lessons with Carolin are fun and energetic! She is positive, patient and encouraging and takes pride in helping to bring out the inner performer in even the shiest of students!

Among other things, Carolin can help you to:

  • Sing your favourite songs and explore new styles;
  • Sing with confidence and help you to develop as a vocal performer;
  • Gain more power and clarity to your voice.
  • Get on stage or complete a professional recording;

Carolin is also able to help if you would like to prepare for grade exams or auditions! Whatever your goals are, your progress can be documented with regular audio recordings. At a small additional cost, recordings can be expanded to demo quality. To book your first lesson with Carolin simply email carolin@singinglessonsbristol.co.uk.


“I'm so pleased with the progress we've already made in expanding my range… every lesson is always enjoyable, intriguing and valuable in terms of my growing understanding and developing confidence in this new "instrument" you've helped me uncover… sometimes we'll have a session which just totally blows my mind. These are often when I make a leap of progress, or when you'll have searched for and found a way of explaining something that gives me a "lightbulb moment" - the zen of singing. Just amazing, you've made the process something very special. Your enthusiasm for the subject and teaching skills, together with your care and understanding that, for us, students, some of this stuff is a little daunting, add up to a safe, supportive environment in which to learn.  I have total faith that you'll get me where I want to be and provide some wonderful surprises along the way. You've been epic, I've been improving.” - Matt, New Student

"She is an amazing teacher and she loves what she does. I progressed a lot with her and I also took my 7th Grade certification with merit. Plus, she helps you develop your own style of music and I am really grateful to her for all the techniques she taught me. I have a lot of admiration for her and she's very encouraging." - Loredana


Alba Allan Torriset Singing Lessons Bristol Teacher

Based in: Montpelier

Availability: Weekdays Afternoons & Evenings


3/4 OF AN HOUR - £25.00

ONE HOUR - £30.00

Teaching Bio:

Alba's focus is on learning the right techniques to be able to develop your singing potential. Once you have the right techniques your confidence will grow, you will feel stronger as a singer and as a musician. The technique may be important, but it is also crucial to feel relaxed and comfortable when singing, so Alba balances this out with making her lessons fun and creating an easy going environment to learn in.

Alba is a professional singer fronting two different projects, one of original material and the other a covers band. She also works as a backing vocalist for a host of different bands. Extensive gigging means that Alba knows the scene well and can help students branch out to do some open-mics or jam sessions.

Alba is classically trained and has been singing since she was 9 years old. She has Grade 8 (ABRSM) and passed with distinction back in 2008. She studied Music and Pre Professional Music A level, so has a good grounding in theory and has a basic knowledge of how to play the piano.

She has been lucky enough to sing abroad for events and also tours the festival circuit including Glastonbury, Betsival, Boomtown and Shambala. To book your first lesson with Alba simply email alba@singinglessonsbristol.co.uk.


"Thank you both Alba and Eliza, you guys made me feel very comfortable and I can only give positive feedback. Loved it!" – Sarah

"I am a new man thanks to Alba and Eliza! 10/10 would recommend." – Daniel

You can find out more about Alba's vocal lessons by checking out her Music Teacher profile.


Matt Singing Lessons Bristol Teacher

Based on: Bath Rd, Brislington, BS4 3JY, Bristol

Availability: Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm, Weekends 9am - 6pm


3/4 OF AN HOUR - £25.00

ONE HOUR - £30.00

Teaching Bio:

Singing is a vulnerable thing! Matt remembers what it was like to start singing and understand the hurdles that you may face along the way when developing your voice – that's why he’s here! Maybe you're a beginner, or maybe you're more advanced - Matt will tailor the sessions to your specific needs wherever you are on the path to vocal mastery.

He provides a home studio for your sessions. If you desire, you'll have the opportunity to record your own voice in a home studio setting, record and make songs and learn the ins and outs of achieving quality vocals. Matt is also a skilled songwriter, producer, guitarist and all-around musician; so he can help you develop your artistic expression, songwriting skills and/or production skills - as well as get to grips with musical theory, piano and performance. He can help in all genres of singing.

Sessions are fun and informative, so you can improve in the most efficient and relaxed way. He provides an accepting and enjoyable environment for you to learn to sing and believes the best learning is done when playing. He has been singing ever since he was a child, in a choir, performing in many venues around Bristol like the Hippodrome, Colston Hall, Bristol Cathedral, etc. Continuing to nurture musical skill throughout his life, in his early 20's he co-founded his own pop band that he developed to a high industry standard.

Matt’s trained his voice over many years - with the help of a world-renowned vocal coach - to develop it to a highly professional level, as well as garner in-depth knowledge of the science and art of singing. From beginners to advanced, he lays out a clear and concise method, with an examination of technique and style, that will help you develop your voice to any level. To book your first lesson with Matt simply get in touch by emailing matt@singinglessonsbristol.co.uk.


"Matt is an excellent teacher. By far the best I have come across so far! Not only are his lessons structured, educational and informative but they are also fun, relaxed and enjoyable. Matt made me feel really comfortable very quickly which has really helped with my confidence in singing. I've already achieved things that I didn't know my voice could do and I am really looking forward to seeing what else I achieve with Matt's coaching." - Joseph C


Lucy Singing Lessons Bristol Teacher

Based on: William St, Bristol, Totterdown, BS3 4TY

Availability: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


3/4 OF AN HOUR - £25.00

ONE HOUR - £30.00

Teaching Bio:

I'm a professional jazz singer and voice artist who has been living and working in Bristol for the last 6 years. I run and front Paper Moon – a swing quintet designed for swing dancers and guest sing in several other jazz ensembles in and around the South West. As a teacher, I work with both adults and children and conduct myself with enthusiasm, patience and a sense of fun. Music is a joyful thing to produce, so I believe that however hard you work, it should always be enjoyable and uplifting.

Teaching adults: I specialise in jazz phrasing, rhythm, harmony and improvisation. I also focus in on stagecraft and the emotional delivery of a song and easily adapt my styling to other genres of music such as pop, soul, folk and musical theatre. Above all, vocal health and sustainable singing are key and I work with my students to produce their own unique sound that will carry them through their lives without uncomfort or strain.

Teaching children: I am passionate about providing a platform for children to be as creative as they can. Along with the Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival, I run annual interactive music performances in primary schools in the Bristol area aiming to inspire as many children as I can to pick up an instrument and enjoy making music together. As a one-to-one teacher, I focus on the fundamentals of singing technique, fun warm-ups, performance confidence, vocal delivery and the joy of singing songs. To book your first lesson with Lucy simply email lucy@singinglessonsbristol.co.uk.

Express Learning

My teaching methods are designed to give you a structured path when learning to sing. My lessons will give you the tools you need to progress as fast as possible! Whether you just want to learn a few songs, or if you want to sing like your heroes I can tailor the lessons to suit your goals!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give me a call now on 03458 690679 for a friendly, no obligation consultation!

Learn to sing!
I have been having lessons with Eliza for a month or so and I'm loving every minute. Only my 4th lesson in and my confidence has grown so much already. I feel like the singer I should have been in my uni days. It's nice to have someone of a similar age to teach you and have fun with at the same time! - Dani Tino

All styles covered Rock/Blues/Pop/Soul/Jazz/Acoustic...and many more