About Singing Lessons Bristol

About Singing Lessons Bristol

Eliza is a professional singing, piano and songwriting teacher coaching students of age 8+, with any singing goals! She has a passion for music having started both singing and playing piano since she was young and now holds a BA Hons Commercial Music Degree. She currently teaches singing and piano in the heart of Bristol and performs regularly in music venues around the city! She has also been a judge for Open Mic UK & Teenstar, national singing competitions with over 9,000 entries per year.

As well as teaching vocal technique and musicality, Eliza encourages students in all elements of performance and helps build confidence to enable pupils to record professionally or perform on stage. She has been heavily influenced by jazz, soul and pop and teaches all styles of music.

Eliza’s style of teaching allows you to learn the technique for an excellent singing voice whilst exploring the styles of music you enjoy. She will help you to achieve your goals, whether it is to sing that one song you’ve always loved, to pass vocal exams or to get up and sing in front of an audience of thousands!

Singing Lessons Bristol

Most importantly, Eliza wants you to be confident in your voice and to build up the skills to know exactly what sound will be produced when you sing! Eliza knows how it feels to be a performer, to practice and to take the steps towards improving your voice. So whether you are an absolute beginner or are looking to improve just one aspect of your singing or speaking voice, Eliza will help you every step of the way!

Should you want to take grades, she can teach through Rock School. There is no pressure to take grades though, as many of her students learn as they love to sing. Eliza prides herself on being approachable, patient and most importantly structured with her singing lessons, whether you’re a complete beginner or if you’ve been singing for years! Eliza also teaches piano to beginner students of age 8+ and any ability - to find out more about her piano lessons don't hesitate to get in touch.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give me a call now on 0117 441 1450 or info@singinglessonsbristol.co.uk for a friendly, no-obligation consultation!


"If you've always wanted to give singing a go but haven't had the confidence, Eliza is there for you! Whatever your motivation for starting (or even picking it up again after a break) Eliza will get the most out of you; easing you in and supporting you and pushing you when you need it. Regular emails with singing exercise MP3s attached, connection to a private student only Facebook page and fun open mic & choir nights mean you feel part of a little community where everyone's in the same boat. I feel like I'm not alone and that I can really do it, plus having a relatively young teacher with their finger on the musical pulse really helps. If anyone told me 6 months ago that I would sing with a live band in front of a pub full of people I would never have believed them..." – Hannah Jones

"As a total and utter beginner I have to say Eliza is just a most lovely lovely person who will get every last bit out of you - way way more than you ever dared hope you might have. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be able to sing then give her call and you will not be disappointed. Wonderful." – Ollie Campbell

"Eliza makes you feel at ease instantly, she's warm and welcoming and is great at calming first lesson nerves. I was more confident in my singing than I ever thought I would be after just one lesson. Eliza is very flexible and able to give great advice based on theory in a way that makes sense to those of us who are complete novices and have no clue about the more technical side of singing!" – James Cullen

The video below represents one of my proudest achievements as a vocal teacher here in Bristol. It is a compilation of a proportion of my students singing "Perfect Day" around the city - something that caught the eye of local newspapers as well as members of Youtube! You can read more about the making of Perfect Day here.

Here at Singing Lessons Bristol, we regularly put on Showcases for our students, the next two are Sunday 30th October 2016 2-4pm and 7-9.30pm (Halloween Special) and Sunday 11th December 2016 2-4pm and 7-9.30pm (Christmas Special). Both take place at the Square Club in Clifton and the Singing Lessons Bristol choir headlines the shows - for more information simply get in touch. Here's a montage of showcase highlights over the past year and a half:

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My teaching methods are designed to give you a structured path when learning to sing. My lessons will give you the tools you need to progress as fast as possible! Whether you just want to learn a few songs, or if you want to sing like your heroes I can tailor the lessons to suit your goals!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give me a call now on 0117 441 1450 for a friendly, no obligation consultation!

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I have been having lessons with Eliza for a month or so and I'm loving every minute. Only my 4th lesson in and my confidence has grown so much already. I feel like the singer I should have been in my uni days. It's nice to have someone of a similar age to teach you and have fun with at the same time! - Dani Tino

All styles covered Rock/Blues/Pop/Soul/Jazz/Acoustic...and many more